100% Organic Psyllium – For Superior Health Benefits

Psyllium is commonly known as Flea, Isaphgol, Isabgula, Spogel or Plantago Psyllium. It is a tasteless, odorless substance obtained from the Psyllium plant (botanical name Plantago Ovata or Plantago Ispaghula.

Jyot Psyllium Husk is a premium quality product made from organic psyllium seeds certified by USDA. They are milled using an organic process to separate the whole husks.

The process ensures that there is no loss of quality during the milling or filtering.

psyllium crop

Why do health experts recommend Jyot Organic Psyllium?

As mentioned earlier, the manufacturing process makes sure that the end-user gets the best stuff. Hence, the health experts suggest this product as an herbal supplement and laxative.

Since it is a 100% natural product, there are no side-effects or harmful effects. People can get benefited by the natural dietary fiber present in the husk. It helps in curing all digestive disorders.

Several studies have been made to assess the effectiveness and use of the organic psyllium. The husk is the coating of mucilage around the seeds. In the whole manufacturing process, only the coating is used.

Since the fiber content is incredibly high in Psyllium (more than 80 percent as compared to 10 percent in wheat bran and 15 percent in oats bran), it is very useful in correcting digestive disorders.

The fiber is hemicellulose, a complex carbohydrate found in whole grains, veggies, and fruits. It is undigestible, but it is partially broken down by the digestive juices in the colon. The partially broken part feeds the intestinal flora.

The nutritional contents are proteins, polysaccharides, Vitamin B1, glycosides, and choline, etc.

Psyllium Husk 80% has the purity of more than 80%. In the Psyllium husk 70%, the purity is more than 70%. The swell volume is not less than 25ml/gm in the first case. In the second category, the swell volume is not less than 22 ml/gm.

Jyot Overseas, a company that believes in producing quality products

Jyot Overseas is the largest manufacturer and exporter of Psyllium.

The products manufactured by the company are at par to the international standards, and they are used in various pharmaceutical and personal care products as well as nutritional supplements.

Due to its passion for innovation and diversity, Jyot Overseas receives a great response from its clients and customers. The company has shown consistent growth since 1997 which is purely due to its passion for delivering better than best.

Since the company strives each day to fulfill the expectations of the customers, there is a continuous improvement in the product quality. The values are incorporated into the philosophy for producing world-class products.

The vision of Jyot Overseas is to become a successful business built on the strong foundation of trust. The quality is visible in every product and service. Every team member works with the commitment of bringing the highest quality products at competitive rates.

Premium Psyllium husk by Jyot Overseas

As far as Psyllium husk is concerned, Jyot overseas manufactures four varieties of husk.


Psyllium Husk 85%

It is the husk with a minimum guaranteed purity of 85 percent. It is light extraneous matter with no marked odor.

It tastes blend Mucilaginous. The moisture doesn’t go beyond 12 percent. The swell volume is not less than 35 ml per gram.

The Heavy Extraneous Matter doesn’t go beyond 1 percent.

Psyllium Husk 95%

It is 95 percent pure Plantago Ovata Frosk Husk with no marked odor. It tastes blend Mucilaginous.

The moisture doesn’t go beyond 12 percent in this category as well. Similar to the product of 85 percent purity, here also the swell volume is not less than 35 ml per gram.

Psyllium Husk 98%

It is Plantago Ovata Frosk Husk with a purity of 98 percent. Therefore, it falls under the premium category product. The maximum moisture is 12 percent, and there is no marked odor.

The swell volume doesn’t fall below 40 ml per gram.

Psyllium Husk 99%

Jyot Overseas brings the best-quality husk with 99 percent purity which is the highest in the range. The supremacy of this product stands out it distinctly in the competitive environment.

With no marked odor, this premium product has a typical Blend Mucilaginous taste with no marked odor. The moisture percentage doesn’t exceed beyond 12 percent.

The swell volume, in this case, is not less than 50 ml per gram.

All variants contain ash not exceeding beyond 4 percent and acid insoluble ash not exceeding beyond 1 percent and a negligible presence of insect fragments.

Top-class Psyllium husk is recommended by health experts worldwide.