Psyllium Newspaper article

news paper article

Psyllium is on hot topic now a days in Indian commodity.

local newspaper article on ‘Psyllium’.

The English translation is as under :-

Due to unseasonal rainfall during last two years, Psyllium stock remains nil.

Below is the table of Psyllium raw material pricing of last 7 years as follows :-

Years Rate  as  on dt: 23/10 (INR) Rate as on 31/12 (INR)
2015 1450-2311 ??????
2014 1675-2451 1211-1915
2013 1100-1461 1171-1516
2012 1050-1241 1051-1113
2011 945-1156 1063-1200
2010 860-1015 927-1053
2009 1012-1311 1250-1422

November is crop sowing period and since last two years rainfall is there, farmers

prefer other crop to sow rather than Psyllium.

Other crop includes Seasame, Fenugreek, Mustard, So if Psyllium prices are high than

only farmers will prefer Psyllium sowing otherwise this year Psyllium Crop will be less.

In last six months Psyllium price increased by INR 400 and still INR 300 expected to increase.