Psyllium part of your daily routine



Psyllium (also known as Ispaghula) is the outer seed (husk) from a plant called Plantago and is native of India. Psyllium is available for use in either capsule or powder form. It is tasteless, odorless, and pale brown in colour. Psyllium has increased in popularity in recent years because of it’s many documented benefits.

Here are some reasons to make Psyllium part of your daily routine.

If only 10% of adults are getting enough fiber, that means that the remaining 90% are most likely suffering from some degree of constipation. Unfortunately this has resulted in the overuse of over the counter laxatives which can have unpleasant side effects. Psyllium acts like a sponge by bulk-forming and absorbing all waste material, then effectively eliminating it from the body. It can be described as an internal brush cleaning your bowel walls and making elimination a smooth process.


The opposite extreme of constipation is diarrhea, but both conditions of constipation and diarrhea stem from an imbalance in the intestine. Psyllium helps by normalizing bowel activity, reducing bowel related complaints.


Studies have shown that Psyllium slows down the absorption of sugar in the body which regulates the blood and prevents sugar levels spiking.

Heart Disease

Psyllium has been scientifically shown to reduce heart disease and is approved by the FDA.

Weight Loss

Psyllium is often recommended as part of a controlled weight loss program. Dieters have found that using Psyllium allows them to feel fuller faster and reduces the desire to snack between meals. Small amounts of the calorie free Psyllium can be added to smoothies for example which will expand further once in the stomach. However, It pays to remember that the Psyllium will efficiently absorb and remove content from the body including all the wonderful nutrients you have just consumed. As suggested by most Psyllium husk suppliers, it makes far more sense to take Psyllium in-between meals in order to avoid losing valuable nutrients.


Any thorough detoxing program worth it’s salt will include the use of Psyllium. Using Psyllium is a highly effective way of removing toxins from the body. However, it is essential that you should be warned of the risks of using an inferior quality Psyllium. The market is flooded with Psyllium products all claiming to be beneficial to your health but the truth is that some of these products could actually be harmful to your body.